The world needs more sprinkles...

The world needs more sprinkles...

One of the unintended consequences of going into your own luxury food production business is an unhealthy obsession with obscure and hard-to-find ingredients!

My current obsession is with sprinkles, and not the boring old hundreds-and-thousands from the supermarket, but the hard-core, top-shelf stuff that you can only buy online from overseas (I haven’t investigated whether there is a local black market for sprinkles although I wouldn’t be surprised if there was…). I’ve been on the lookout for amazing sprinkles for ages now and have finally found some – in Canada. So at the risk of sounding like a total addict, if anyone reading this is planning a trip to Canada and wouldn’t mind being my sprinkles “mule” I’d be ever so grateful! Have a look at to see what I’m talking about – one of my favourite websites, Rosie has the most gorgeous cakes on her blog and her sprinkles are TO DIE FOR!!

My desperation for sprinkles has reached such heights that I’ve even started making my own – which is easier than you might think and quite a bit of fun. Check out if you’re keen to give it a try. Although, I must not get distracted from the business of making amazing macarons and building my very own commercial-kitchen-in-a-container (more of which very soon…)

 *side note:  if you do try making sprinkles colour them brighter/darker than you want them - they go lighter when they dry.



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