The amazing world of edible flowers

The amazing world of edible flowers

This post is my first in a series about edible flowers. As you will know here at Finom we love using flowers on our cakes and its important to us that they are edible.

Because it's wedding season I am going to start the series off with the most popular flower on wedding (and celebration cakes) which is of course the rose.

Roses are not only fantastic to use on cakes but are also such a versatile flower to use in the kitchen. Rose water, rose sugar, rose oil, jellies and jams are just some of its uses.

The flowers can be used whole for decorating cakes or the petals can be used individually and could also be crystallized or used dried (more on crystallizing in a future post). 

Some cut roses are long lasting and the flower heads hold together well, while some can fall apart straight after picking so make sure you have tested this if using whole rose heads on a cake.

Most people have friends with roses in the garden so they are easy to find during spring and summer, just make sure they haven’t been sprayed with chemicals.

There over 20 roses planted in the Finom garden and we hope that in the next few years they take off and provide us with lots of colour options for our customers cakes.

When preparing the roses I like to run the heads gently under the cold water to get rid of any insects. Make sure you have a good look as occasionally an earwig can be hiding among the petals. Give them a gentle shake to remove excess water and trim at the base leaving a few centimeters of stem and remove any damaged outer petals 

 The roses are now ready to use on your cake.  

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