The piles are in - next step: wait for the concrete to cure (boring - think ‘paint drying’ but 100 times longer) and then get the container delivered.

After initial discussions with the first truck driver it was decided we really needed a hi-ab which is a truck with a hydraulic arm to lift the container onto the piles. The site has a lot of trees and a fence so access wasn’t great, but it was good enough.

So one sunny late afternoon in Autumn I hear a truck pull up, the dogs start barking and there I see it, my beautiful shipping container.

Then it was all go. The container - wrapped in chains - was lifted by the hydraulic arm, floated over the trees, and placed safely onto the piles.

It would be lovely if I could stop there and say that it all went swimmingly, but it kind of turned a little pear shaped after that.  The truck driver and I decided it could be on the piles a little squarer, so while trying to manoeuver the extremely heavy container the end piles got pushed...over...not quite all the way over, but it wasn’t good.

From there the container got lifted back over the fence and the driver wrapped the chains around the pile to straighten it back up. While doing this the concrete cracked - maybe we could have been a little more patient during the curing stage.  We then had to prop up the piles so we could get the container in position before nightfall, followed by some remedial work to the piles in the near future.

But it doesn’t matter - the container is here, it’s in place, it's rock solid, and it looks great!


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