Windows and doors - tick.

Windows and doors - tick.

So something that I didn’t mention in the previous blogs is that I found a little problem when the container was delivered. In the interest of keeping you all entertained I have decided to come clean.

The first thing I did after delivery was check that the cutout holes of the container matched my joinery. I was very upset to find that one of the cutouts was too small - by about 200mm. Now of course the first thing I think is ‘those @#$# guys at the container place have cut the hole the wrong size’, and I stomped inside to check the dimensions that I emailed them.

Turns out I may have measured incorrectly.  In fact, not may have, did.

So after sheepishly telling Gabor, and ignoring his ‘you must be kidding’ look, I started checking out salvage yards (with the completely unrealistic hope) for a secondhand window with the exact measurements (or slightly smaller) than the hole in the container.

It didn’t take me long to realise that the window gods were not looking down with favour, so I decided to bite the bullet and get someone to make the hole bigger.

As you may have realised it’s not quite as easy to change the size of a framed hole in a steel building as it is in a wooden one.  But $400 and a few hours of handy work from the local metalworker later, and hole is perfect.

I decided on wooden joinery because I wanted the container to look less containery and more cute tiny house. I purchased one of my windows from the local salvage yard and the other window and door off trademe.

Gabor and I put the windows and doors in  - again using glue and also screwing them to the framing. They all went in easily and the building is now weather tight...ish (it still needs a bit of flashing).

So what did I learn from this? Don’t only measure twice and cut once (as my Mum has been telling me for years). Get someone else who has proven measuring skills, to double check your measurements as well.

Next job - building consent.  And yes, I should have got it before the container was delivered.


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  • All looks wonderful Sarah. Mike is ready to do his bit, whenever you are ready. Xx

    Linda Webster on

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