About us


finom (fee-nom) adj. tasty, delicate, dainty, delicious [Hungarian]

I’ve always been inspired by the elegance and sophistication of traditional European cakes and pastries. My partner’s father was from Hungary, and we both feel a strong connection to the country especially the beautiful city of Budapest.
When the Austro-Hungarian Empire was at its peak, the coffee houses of Vienna, Budapest and Prague were famous for their desserts, cakes and pastries. This tradition has continued in Eastern Europe and it influences my style of baking today: that food should look as good as it tastes, and delight all our senses.


With their delicate crisp exterior and soft yet chewy interior, macarons are an exquisite example of what I believe food should be about. I love developing new colour and flavour combinations and taking inspiration from typically Kiwi flavours as well more traditional offerings. My fascination with macarons started when I catered a high tea event in the Wairarapa, and after many attempts to perfect them, I think my persistence has paid off! It’s taken a lot of time and perseverance to turn this passion into a successful business and it’s been incredibly exciting and rewarding to see Finom take flight.

Until now, local markets have been my storefront, and I’ve grown to love the community that stallholders develop, as well as enjoy meeting my customers and seeing their responses to my macarons. Developing this website and going online is a natural progression for Finom and it’s wonderful to be able to share my vision with a wider audience. I can’t wait to bring these classic and delicious treats from Europe all the way to your place, here, in New Zealand.